The Fascination with Board Games

There is just something about board games that has a fascination that attracts so many people to want to play them again and again. We all know of the popular ones, such as Monopoly or Ludo that have been around for many decades and have entertained families in those evenings when television hadn't gained anything like the kind of household saturation it now enjoys.

So what exactly is it that fascinates us about these humble yet highly playable and enjoyable board based games? Let's take a look at what they have in terms of attractiveness, playability and that ability to make people want to come back and play them again many times over.

Family Entertainment

One of the first things we notice about the most popular board based games is that they cater for whole families or groups of friends to gather around and play together. The more the merrier is a very apt saying in this case.

When people are drawn together to enjoy a competitive game that combines some skill element and the chance of moves dictated by the throw of the dice, there is an excitement and buzz generated that is unmatched by modern day single or even two player computer games. There becomes the need to win at all costs rooted deep in the subconscious and even when people say they are not playing to win as much as to enjoy the game, they are unknowingly harbouring this deep seated instinctive primordial urge to compete and prove they are the best by winning.

Anyone Can Win

Take Monopoly as a good example of a game where in reality anyone can win and all players have an equal chance of taking the money off all the other players by building their real estate empire. At least, that's what most people believe.

In reality, there are often one or more players in any family or friend group who tend to win more often than others. It is usually the person with the highest competitive edge and the skill to buy the right properties at the right time.

In two player board games such as chess or checkers, there is again the competitive edge to be displayed by each player and a determination to win and show everyone else who's boss. That's why we have world class chess championships that are as popular now as they have ever been.

The concept of beating an opponent at the highest level possible is an enormously attractive force.


The fascination can come from the other players wanting to beat the person who wins most often and the strategies they play with in order to bring their secret desires to fruition. It all comes together to create that natural and instinctive necessity to play again and again until they are successful, or for the habitual winners to keep playing to further assert their authority on the game.

However it happens, it is good news for board games manufacturers because it means we will still keep buying their games for the foreseeable future.