Playing Poker on a Mobile Phone

Did you know that you can play poker on your smart phone using one of the many great apps that are available and many of them don't cost anything? That's right! If this is a game you love, then you'll be ecstatic to know that you can play wherever you find yourself as long as you have your phone with you and an Internet connection with via WiFi or through your network operator.

If you have never tried this before, grab your mobile phone and search through the poker apps that are available. Doesn't matter if you have an iPhone or an Android powered one, you're going to be surprised at just how many there are!

Why Play Poker on a Phone?

android poker appsMaybe you're scratching your head and wondering why you would even want to play a poker game on your phone. It's not unusual to think that, especially if you only ever play with real players around a real table, maybe on a Saturday night with friends.

But if you have tried playing online and like the format, then migrating onto a smaller display might seem a strange thing to want to do. That is until you think it through and realize that there are some pretty neat advantages to playing in this way.

The biggest of these is of course the ability to get a game when you're away form home or the office and in a situation where you're being kept hanging around for something. It could be you're in a doctor's or dentist's waiting room or waiting for a train for instance.

Rather than sit there staring at a blank wall or try to get interested in reading a three year old women's fashion magazine, you can get out your phone and enjoy a hand or two of hold'em to pass the time. Now that has to be a totally cool thing to do!

Where Can You Find Apps?

It really depends on what type of phone you have, but for most people, it will either be an iPhone or one of the top android models. For example, there are loads of mobile poker apps for android that you can find by checking out the app store on your phone.

It's really up to you which app you settle on as there are some that are free and others that will allow you to sign up for an account where you can even play for real money. Just be aware that if you chose the latter option, you can lose money as well as win it, so be prepared for that.

Mobile Poker Playing Tips

When you are just starting out to play some hands of poker on your mobile phone, you could probably use some basic tips to get you up and running. Most of the best ones simply means using your own common sense and assuming you already know how to play the several variations of the game, then you shouldn't have much trouble getting into the swing of things.

It is quite understandable if you are a little sceptical about the effectiveness of the tips and strategies that you can pick up in articles published ion the Internet. But in truth, many of those articles are extremely useful not only in informing you of the best ways in which to go about playing and strategy, but they can also be highly motivational in getting you in the right frame of mind to go ahead and put into action the strategies you may otherwise only be thinking about.

There are many aspects of playing the game live that transfer onto the small screen, but you will of course lose the major skill of being able to read other players since you can't see them! But you can still bluff, even though the visual side of making a bluff seem more believable is not there, if you have plenty of playing experience, you can still pull it off when playing on a phone.

Probably one of the most important tips that will really help you if you're new to playing poker online is to be mindful of your bankroll and exercise restraint so you don't end up blowing it all at once! It's easy to get carried away when you see the kind of gaming assets that are involved in the industry. Manage your bankroll well and you'll enjoy playing mobile poker wherever you happen to find yourself.