Playing Online Games is More Than Fun

Over the last decade the quality and playability of online games has improved tremendously making them very attractive for players who are looking for more than just fun when playing them. The Internet has brought us single- and multi-player games that are hugely popular alongside a gaming industry that creates a multitude of incredible interactive and exotic computer games.

playing online gamesFrom the humble beginnings of the early computer tennis game that was nothing more than two small white "bats" and a tiny white "ball" on a TV screen that you controlled with the up and down keys on a keyboard, computer games have evolved beyond all recognition. We now have realistic and lifelike characters playing out all kinds of scenarios from chasing trinkets for points to getting into serious military action.

The Move from Vegas to the Internet

It should come as no surprise to everyone that the industry that brought us the huge glitzy casinos, mom and pop bingo halls and high street bookmakers should have their fingers in the highly lucrative pie that constitutes online games. Where there are scores of amazing games that are played for fun, you will also find hundreds more online games you can play for real money at every turn.

While there is a huge entertainment factor to playing online games for free, the attraction of being able to play games online that were once only available if you travelled to Las Vegas or had a membership of a private club that was licensed to run gambling games. At the click of a mouse, players can now enjoy a few rounds of blackjack, roulette, craps, play any one of hundreds of different slots or any of the other amazing games that can be found in any good casino.

Winning Money or Having Fun?

There will of course always be opposition to any vehicle for gambling wherever it exists. But for those that are more concerned with enjoying themselves with all the amazing gifts the Internet has to offer, the question of whether people play these kinds of games is more about winning money or simply having fun.

There is no doubt that being able to engage in games that are often seen as "illicit" or "forbidden" have their own attractiveness that defies moralistic limitations. Being able to place real money bets on games through a computer, laptop and now even a mobile phone is something that has its own attraction that draws in millions of people from around the world.

The fact of gambling is that the majority of players will lose their money as do the vast majority of brick and mortar casino goers. However, that doesn't stop anyone from playing and believing that he next spin of the reels or throw of the dice could be the one that nets them a life changing fortune.

What About the Social Issues?

Many believe that most gamblers have a serious problem and they all end up losing all their money and wrecking their families. But nothing could be further than the truth. The real truth is that problem gamblers make up only a tiny proportion, whereas the vast majority are sensible and tend to only spend a small amount of their money on this pastime.

What should be more of a concern especially to parents is the proliferation of free games that are available to be played online by kids of all ages that are highly attractive and even addictive. Such games can keep a person glued to their computer screens for hours at a time and many kids end up missing out on a lot of sleep because they play into the small hours, often without the knowledge of their parents.

These are the real issues and are often overlooked because people are paying more attention to the so-called evils of gambling, they don't see what is right under their noses. Playing games will always be a popular pursuit no matter what format they may take.

The bottom line is that people will always seek out entertainment in one form or another. Whichever medium can provide the best in terms of thrills and excitement for the least in terms of monetary outlay will always be the most popular.