About Us

Welcome to www.shutterspudz.com, a website that is all about games. Here are 10 reasons why this website might be interesting to you and what you might look for in a great game that you'll love playing:

1. Never walk any farther than you absolutely have too in order to take a photograph. There is always an easier way to get where you are going.
2. If you have to walk uphill to take a photograph - get someone to carry your tripod.
3. There are some photographs that true ShutterSpudz will never get to take.
4. If it is really cold and rainy outside remember you could be on your couch with a blanket or a friend
5. Traditional trail guides are usually not written for ShutterSpudz.
6. There is nothing wrong with taking pictures from a seated position, preferably a couch.
7. If you can sit in your car with the air conditioning/heat on taking pictures, you are doing it right.
8. Wait for the animal to come to you, do not chase them.
9. You should not be sore after taking pictures, if so you are doing it wrong.
10. When out photographing, take nothing but photographs and leave behind nothing but your footie prints.